Tuesday, November 10, 2009

D G Heather Fear

Top of the South
Rotary District 9970 District Governor’s Newsletter
It is a real pleasure each month to write and welcome the new members that have
been inducted into the clubs throughout the district, and whose names are recorded
in the Newest Rotarians section of this newsletter. If your club has a new member
who does not appear on the list, be rest assured it is not because we do not care - it
is because we did not know about them. Some names I pick up from Club Bulletins -
but the best way is for your secretary or membership director to email the details to
me as you induct new members into your club. At the same time the new member
can be registered with the Rotary International and District 9970 web sites. Now that
our reporting format is sorted out, it is so exciting to see that the membership of the
district is growing - and with the world needing Rotary more than ever, we need
more hands to do more good in our communities and the world.
It is November already and time to think about our commitment to The Rotary
Foundation. A Rotary Foundation programme that has always inspired me is the
Rotary Centres for Peace. Today more than 400 Rotary peace programme
graduates are working in the conflict resolution, humanitarian aid, diplomacy, and
government. Each year, about 80 more Rotary World Peace Fellows join their
colleagues, putting Rotary’s ideals into action in war zones and unstable regions
world wide. This growing network of peacemakers has the potential to transform our
world from a place where the smallest conflict can escalate into a full-blown war to
an environment where diplomacy and conflict resolution are the first options of
choice. And at our Vive le Rotary Conference in Akaroa next year you will have the
chance to meet and hear a Rotary Peace Scholar for yourself.
A form was recently sent to clubs urging you all to allocate your DDF to PolioPlus,
an outbound Ambassadorial Scholar; a Water Collaboration project or World Peace
Fellowships. Do make sure your club acts on this NOW.
And with the exchange rate strong, right now is a good time to send your club
donations or your personal tax deductible donation to The Rotary Foundation. Both
should be made via the NZ Rotary Clubs Charitable Trust. A US$100 contribution to
the Rotary Foundation can provide:
4 new wells for rural villages in Zimbabwe or
Textbooks for one elementary school in Zambia or
6 desks for a school in Mexico or
3 corrective eye operations in Kankaria, India
The list is endless, the need for good in the world is great, and our numbers are
But, as Past RI President Bill Boyd has said: “Even though we will never bring about
a perfect world, we have no excuse not to try. And if we leave a better world than
was left to us, then we have not failed.”
All the best for another enjoyable month in Rotary
DG Heather

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