Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Blast from the Past

A blast from the past.
Mike Standish-White trotted into our club last night. Goodness what an amazing gentleman.
Tim apparently saw him in action during the fire and knew he just had to have him talk to us. He is supposed to be a retired orthopaedic surgeon but being an Irish old hand African settler I guess he can just about do anything.

What is very clear is he can certainly tell a good story. Most of Africa is a political mess with the various military strong men taking for themselves. Zimbabwe where Mike lived was as bad as it can get. He and a group of friends decided to do something about tourism. Tourists love wild animals and the wild life industry employs lots of people so they figured it had to be a goer.
They had to start from scratch by catching and breeding the wild animals. Mike had us in fits as he described catching and transporting a range of exotic animals. Giraffes are tall you know and so are jolly hard to get them along the road below power lines, porcupines are pretty hard to put a tranquiliser needle into, and zebras jump around all over the place. Despite these difficulties they made a success of it all till the President heard about them. First he was a gentleman offering them lots of free land to breed more wild animals then he passed a law saying all wild animals (and their profits) were his. So these days all Mike has for his efforts are a thick scrap book with wonderful photos and an endless source of hilarious stories about his life in Africa.

Table for eight.
Three members and their partners plus one couple from Nelson West attended a Table for 8 Dinner at Brian’s place on Saturday night.
Those attending had a ball. The rest of you missed out. May be next time?

Rutherford Rotary is out there for the world to see. Mike N has been putting the bulletin onto the Blog spot and Facebook. Heaps of other clubs have read about us and want to be our friends. If you are lonely and love being nice please join up and do the right thing by being some other clubs friend. Mike will hold your hand for the first introduction.

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