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Rotary Club of Rutherford Nelson Apologies before 11am

Monday 19 October 2009 Email reply to this address or

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To Night: John Foulds of RopeTek

Next week: Labour Day.

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19 October

Room Set Up Wayne

Co-ord & Parting T Mike D

Reception Wayne

Members Talk Graham S

Speakers Host Don

Vote Of Thanks Denis

and Grace

Sergeant Jeff


Peter Bone and Steve Wearing wheeled into the club last week equipped with a laptop, a great spin and lots of energetic enthusiasm for their new passion.

Look out, here comes Cycle Way Nelson.

Did you know that NZ’s largest export industry is tourism? There is a huge world wide growth in cycling. In Europe it is a $36 billion industry.

In NSW there are 520,000 pedal powered tourists. Goodness knows who got out there and counted them.

The Otago Central Rail Trail has been a major success with greater then $20 million generated per year.

We have a lot going for us in Nelson because of the existing historic infrastructure and national parks. The focus of the government’s cycle group is to create local rides. The local team wants to make Nelson the centre of cycling activity in NZ.

Mountain bike trails are very popular as well as the cycling tours tracks. The idea is to link in the mountain bike trails with the cycling tour tracks. Apparently the fitness freak parents can bomb out on these mountain bike tracks whilst letting the rest of the family do the more sedate trails.

Nelson can expect to get double the growth that the Otago trail currently produces.

The local board has lots of high powered members with several large company executives on it.

The National Cycle Way Project

Central govt has allocated $50 million to the project to be matched regionally = $100 million

The Nelson project has been well received but has to compete with other areas.

TDC has allocated $4million over the next 20 years.

NCC Funding for local project estimated to be $6m for the construction portion.

Local team are looking to have most of the track off road this being a safety plus.

One of the big obstacles is to avoid the Appleby Bridge. We all know that old fellow is narrow and the cars crossing it go hell for leather. They are looking at the possibility of a dedicated cycle and pedestrian bridge. Engineering studies indicate that it would be cheaper to build a pedestrian / bike bridge than doing a Nippon clip on.

The total trail in Nelson is 225 kms long.

The idea is to do it in bite sized sectors eating and drinking your way round the circuit.

Parting thought

If you are like the rest of us last weeks parting thought flew right over my head at the same speed as Keith would when hitting a pot hole on his bike. Here it is again.

Investment, if you like, is a math exam where the powers that be work out the answers based on new formulae they develop after your papers have been handed in.

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