Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No speaker last week but there was still plenty of talking.
Gilbert presented the accounts for the year.
We have managed to turn around our finances this past year compared with the year before spending less than we brought in.

Ian did the trust accounts. Activity both on earnings and distribution was down last year.
Total funds are up slightly on the previous year.

We talked about a caravan and also a pizza trailer.
It was agreed to set up a committee to look into conversion and its associated costs.

Tables of 8 are perhaps on again. Perhaps it can be a combined event with West.

Mike Mc and Roger are going to look after McKenzie trust whilst Ian is off travelling again.

Christmas function thoughts. Perhaps we could go out on the cat.

Walk for life is on next year on 14 March 2010. for those who plan ahead you might like to add that date to your I phone planner.

Barry’s members talk.
Wairau Hospital rebuild.
Site safety a big issue working there.
Patients are getting heavier these days, so they have built two rooms for obese patients.
Meeting the demands of the architects is always difficult. They had to create some special curtain tracks to fit in with the gantry that moves the heavy patients around.
Hospitals are hard work on equipment so they are built extra heavy duty and I guess gold plated.

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