Monday, March 13, 2017

Last week
Well my goodness. Last week seemed to be my first normal week back for the year. Well actually it was not all that normal and not all that first. We had people piled in like sardines with conversations going on all over the place. To my left we had our prospective two new members Trudie Brand and Steve Foster. Watch this space for good news on that front.
Further still to my left two lovely Rotarian visitors from Canada kept Mike and Roger engaged. This was Peggy He...bden and her friend Dale Pawlitza. Peggy is a member of Barrie-Huronia, District 7010. Did you know that she is the Rotary Public Image Co-ordinator Zone 24A,2011-2014. Just thinking what that means and involves makes my antennae waver.
Then over the other side of the table sat George Shuttleworth a well-known and liked Old F*** member was visiting as Mel’s guest. Was this a one night stand or a precursor of things to come? Then directly across the table two amazing young ladies Chekodi and Alina from Nelson College for Girls kept Ian and me engaged in an interesting conversation.

Our club seems to make a practice of sending two top rate scholars off to the Rotary Summer Science school from Nelson College for Girls. This year Chekodi and Alina went to absorb learn and be inspired. They already had in mind to become a surgeon or physiotherapist. The summer science school opened their minds to lots more possibilities. They learnt about career possibilities they had never even heard of before. Small windows of experience were opened to view everything from wine making to human lung tissue investigations. Metal spraying to nano technology rolled off their tongues with the same enthusiasm as was the visit to Sky Tower. Awesome, cool, and amazing were some of the words to describe their experience.
Life changing events that seems embedded were meeting fellow students who they are looking forward to meeting up with again when at Otago Uni. Meeting some Rotarians up there even got a mention.
I am sure we all got a kick out of hearing such talented young ladies brimming full of enthusiasm facing a challenging life time ahead of them. Just remember next time we sell some hot dogs in the caravan the profits are going towards helping young people like this get ahead into their chosen career paths.
Monday 13th Captain Andrew Leachman will be speaking about his recent trip to Antarctica with the NZ navy as ice captain. Andrew is always good value.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DG Visit 23rd November

DG Visit 23rd November.
No Meeting at Prince Albert next 2 weeks.
Next meeting will be 1st December at the Prince albert.

Monday 17th @ Tahuna Beach

Sunday 23rd @ sandemans point. DG Visit. Club Collaboration

Tahuna Beach caravan Test Tonight 6pm

Rutherford caravan will test new Fryers tonight @ 6pm Tahuna Beach .
BYO salad & Drinks.